A Hollywood screen writer couldn’t have envisioned a scenario any more fantastic than the one that unfolded when Wall Street Journal reporter Richard Shaffer turned up in Gary Glanz’s office one day to profile him for the newspaper.

As Shaffer tagged along for every step over the next two weeks, Glanz solved the burglary of $15,000 from a Mexican restaurant, locating the suspects, securing confessions from them and even digging up the missing loot. The reporter also chronicled Glanz’s numerous other successes as an investigator and the risks associated with his line of work, writing that his subject “spends his days and nights solving crimes, foiling extortionists and outwitting thieves.”

When the story landed on the front page of the Journal, Gary Glanz’s reputation as one of the nation’s premier private investigators was sealed. His phone began ringing off the hook, with clients from around the world calling him, desperate for an investigator who could help them where others had failed. There was also a host of Hollywood agents and New York book publishers eager to secure the rights to his story. The “Super Sleuth” had become an overnight sensation.



About The Firm

The Wall Street Journal calls him “The Super Sleuth” —and with good reason. For more than 40 years, Tulsa private investigator Gary Glanz has been solving major crimes, locating missing people, recovering tens of millions of dollars in cash and other valuable materials and securing priceless art collections—all with a flair, and a sense of professionalism and discretion that have earned him an international reputation. Originally making a name for himself as one of the youngest detectives in the history of the Tulsa Police Department, where he received numerous awards and citations, Glanz left the police department in 1967 to establish his own private investigative firm. Gary G...


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